Can Tapping Help Food Cravings?

You can take accept or dispense with this treatment and decide whether you want to try it or not.

Put it this way – it’s not painful, involves no drugs, and is purely about changing certain aspects of your life.

It was first mentioned by Albert Einstein, but not many people listened to him – now people in their droves are listening and trying out this specific treatment.

In comparison to dietary and mindset changes to attempt to cure or control cravings, ‘tapping’ or ‘EFT’ (Emotional Freedom Techniques), is a relatively new treatment that helps overcome problems such as cravings, addictions, obsessions, anxieties and many other mental and psychological ‘brick walls’.

This method has evolved since the 1990’s but it has really only showed some amazing results over the last decade or so, and since then,

...many thousands of people have benefitted from what was essentially an updated version of an ancient Eastern method, dating back over 5,000 years ago.

Many treatments from Eastern medicine are based on repositioning energy to cope with the modern world and its’ stresses and strains.

Make no mistake, it is not a quick fix, nor a magic potion or pill that will cure you overnight, but it does happen quickly and can give long and lasting relief from the battle you may have been trying to overcome for a long time.

You could probably look at it as a type of acupuncture and whilst not medically proven in the skeptical world of registered doctors and medical professionals, it is a method that they are seriously taking into consideration.

This practice has made modern scientists, psychologists and others involved in curing this type of issue really sit up and look at its serious benefits.

It’s not ‘mumbo-jumbo’ – it definitely has a place in helping people who may have given up when nothing else works.

So How Does ‘Tapping’ or EFT Work? 

It is fairly simple – it works by clearing blocked energy points which disrupt your emotional response to your problems.

Purportedly, it can even relieve physical as well as mental problems, but again, there are not many doctors who will admit to this, as it can often be used in conjunction with other topical treatments, just as acupuncture may also be.

Focus is concentrated on the patients’ exact problem, and tapping with the fingertips is applied (no needles as in acupuncture).

In turn, the blocked energy can be released and negative emotions will subside (pretty rapidly if reports are true).

All in all, in layman’s terms, the recipient becomes more proactive and responsive to their illness or condition, and the unblocked or ‘straightened’ energy as it is referred to, begins to turn from negative to positive in a relatively short period of time.

Cravings in particular, are negative thoughts and can stem from a lack of self worth or feelings of inadequacy 

 - a need to fill and satisfy yourself with something that may temporarily feel better, often in the shape of food.

Once that initial satiation subsides, the recipient inevitably goes back to feeling bad about themselves – after all, the energy is still blocked as the food or craving will not solve this negative emotion.

This treatment has produced amazing results.  Surely it is worth a try?

If your own medical practitioner of the ‘old school’ does not know about it (or chooses not to recommend it), seek help from outside sources, such as an experienced EFT practitioner.

There are plenty out there, and there is no harm from trying and no drugs involved.

It’s just you and your energy rebalancing to form a more positive outlook.

Once trained, you can even apply this therapy yourself.

Read this report from the Journal of Clinical Psychology.  Perhaps this may convince you to give it a try.

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