The 4 Types of Food Cravings

If you’re alive then the chances are you have experienced cravings. I don’t think I know anyone who hasn’t craved after something. Maybe it’s something typical like chocolate or ice cream, or maybe it’s something a little less typical like ice or dirt! In pregnancy, cravings are seen as normal and ​guidance in what we should … Read more

Why Do I Crave Sugar?


Sugar, alongside spice, supposedly makes up all things nice. That may explain why the average American consumes upward of forty teaspoons of sugar daily – considerably higher than the recommended intake of thirteen. With added sugar prominent in almost every favorite convenience snack and beverage, in addition to the number of theoretically healthy foods that contain naturally-occurring … Read more

Can Tapping Help Food Cravings?

You can take accept or dispense with this treatment and decide whether you want to try it or not.Put it this way – it’s not painful, involves no drugs, and is purely about changing certain aspects of your life. It was first mentioned by Albert Einstein, but not many people listened to him – now people … Read more